Both the British version (The Tunnel) and the

rock culture approximately

Working through the third season of the original (the Swedish) and lordy, what an argument for plot drivers. Both the British version (The Tunnel) and the Americanswallow that whole first season, and once you get past the dread of the cop losing [Read more.]

Leg Room For The Unstable

They canceled Lady Dynamite, but Bamford’s new Netflix special surfs even more absurdist realities. We saw a lot of this stuff live about a year back, and she’s kept shaping it; she hits a new level with this material.

Juliana Hatfield, Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia [Read more.]

Inspired Degeneracy, or Bowie From Beyond (Berlin, 1929)

## ## March 7, 2018 by Tim Riley

This dance sequence from episode 2 of Babylon Berlin distills the David Bowie Is exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum down to exhilarating essence.

Jeff Daniels chills as preacher villain in Godless, then gets swamped by hoary dialogue and plotclichs in Looming Tower(THE [Read more.]February 15, 2018 by Tim Riley

Serkin, Gould and the Pianist’s Ideal

Recently available deluxe recordings from Rudolf Serkin and Glenn Gould reveal new secrets about these polar opposite titans of classical piano:

Expansive yet forbidding, imperious yet embracing, pianist Rudolf Serkin mixed charm with guilt to build a [Read more.]

Weird Not Weird

January 30, 2018 by Tim Riley

Reflecting On 2017: The Year In Music (WBUR’s Radio Boston, 12/27/17)

We review the year in music through 2017, from our favorite classical music releases to the women who dominated country and pop music to the rapper who had everybody talking.

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